Sewer and Garbage Information

The City of Hoople is making changes to the way they bill sewer and garbage charges.  The current practice is to bill quarterly for the preceding quarter (i.e. We would bill October 1st for July-Sept).

Beginning October 1, 2014, the City will be billing annually the cost of sewer and garbage for the coming year (i.e. October 1 - September 30).  The Total amount billed is $292.00. 

Businesses - your amounts will vary based upon your current billing rate)                     

Statements can be paid in full or payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually, as long as your total statement balance has been paid by September 30.  If you have a balance on your account on September 1, statements will be mailed at that time and you will have 30 days to pay the balance owing.  After October 1,  if any amount remains to be paid on your sewer and garbage, it will be assessed on your real estate taxes.

Refunds will be issued if you pay your statement in full and move within the billing cycle.